Cheap as Chips Catalogue

Cheap as chips is a private Australian discount variety store chain employing over eight hundred people within their retail stores, warehouses and head office. Cheap as chips stores are popular as a discount store with the lowest prices. With great discount prices and bargain sales, one can make some big savings! To get all the update of the most relevant cheap as chips specials, one should check the catalogue regularly. This is the way which helps customers to know about all the discounts, special deals, and offers.

Products of Cheap as chips

This retailer provides a wide range of supermarket essentials and groceries from soft drinks to tinned foods to shampoo and diapers.


    •  Art & Craft
      a. General Craft
      b. Haberdashery
    •  Clothing
      a. Clothing Accessories
      b. Footwear
      c. General Clothing
      d. Underwear and Socks
    • Garden & Outdoor
      a. Auto Products
      b. Hardware
      c. Garden Ornaments
      d. Garden Pots
      e. Garden Solar
      f. Garden General
      g. Outdoor Furniture
      h. Fishing
      i. Camping Equipment
      j. Sporting
    • Gifts
      a. Artificial Flowers
      b. Candles
      c. Prints
      d. Frames
    • Grocery
      a. Chocolates
      b. Nuts
      c. Sweets Jellies Gum
      d. Supermarket Food
    • Electrical
      a. Recorded Material
      b. Mobile Phones
      c. Recharge
      d. Electrical Appliance
      e. Electrical Accessories
      f. Batteries
      g. Home Appliances
    • Hardware
      a. Auto Products
      b. Lighters
      c. Hardware
    • Home and Décor
      a. Disposable
      b. Basketware
      c. Furniture
      d. Artificial Flowers
      e. Candles
      f. Frames
      g. Gifts
      h. Prints
      i. Home Appliances
      j. Laundry/Bathroom
      k. Kitchen Crockery
      l. General Kitchen
      m. Kitchen Plastics
      n. Glassware
      o. Storage
      p. Manchester Bedroom
      q. Flooring
      r. Manchester General
      s. Manchester Bathroom
      t. Cleaning Products
    • Health and Beauty
      a. Aged Care
      b. Health / Body Care
      c. Core Cosmetics
      d. Fashion Accessories
      e. Haircare
      f. Personal Care Disposable
    • Pets
      a. Pet Accessories
      b. Bird
      c. Cat
      d. Pet Food
      e. Dog
    • Party
      a. Greeting Cards
      b. Party Accessories
      c. Wrap and Accessories
    • Toys
      a. Toys
      b. Games
    • Stationery
      a. Pens and Pencils
      b. Reading Material
      c. General Stationery
      d. Paper, Books & Indexes
      e. Diaries and Calendars
  • Travel Goods
    a. General Travel Goods
    b. Luggage
    c. Travel Accessories

Features of Cheap as chips

The differences between other retailers and Cheap as Chips:

  • They don’t use other companies’ products and if they can’t sell the products cheap they don’t stock it.
  • They carry a depth and range of merchandise that far exceeds their competitors and contains items customers won’t find anywhere else.
  • Their buyers import directly they estimate that their quality of the merchandise cut above the rest. They are cheap in price, not in quality.
  • They want to offer their customers an experience in their stores that leaves them feeling great about their value, their products, and their service to the customers.
  • They source their goods directly from manufacturers across the world and with their purchasing strength, the customers will find many items that are not available anywhere else and always at a fantastic price.
  • Cheap as Chips operate 42 stores across South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales. Customers should enter the postcode to find a store near them.

Cheap as Chips Online shopping

To find the nearest Cheap as Chips shop in a city, and their opening and closing times, a customer should simply check their website. There are store locations across the country. Customers can choose their favourite products in the online shop and collect the products from the nearest shop or customers can get them delivered to their home. All the catalogues can are on the website.


With a lot of stores nationally, this is an iconic Australian discount variety retailer. They always keep their focus on their motto of “ there’s always something new “ to people on their website. In a word, this retailer provides a huge variety of stock and this is a one-stop destination for all kinds of shopping needs.

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